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What is BIM Works

BIM or Building Information Management is a method of designing buildings in a 3D environment.  We build buildings virtually allowing for more comprehensive and coordinated plan sets and also allows us to easily identify potential construction conflicts.  The level of detail put into our models also allows for very detailed and photo realistic renderings.  Our renderings are not just pretty pictures, they are the models used to create your construction documents which trades people will directly use to construct your building.


BIM itself and BIM Works the company were created as a bridge between building specialists.   Today's built requires more and more specialists who are becoming more and more specialized due to the increasing complexities of building codes, ordinances, material sciences, etc.  Something was needed to bridge the gaps between all of these specialists.  Specialists such as architects, civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, IT, audio/video, food service, interior designers, etc.  Even BIM itself has become quite complex making capable BIM designers more and more valuable but also at the same time less and less cost effective for smaller architecture firms to maintain in house staff.  BIM Works provides smaller architects the ability to offer BIM services to their clients on a project by project basis so they can still compete with the larger firms on more complex projects.

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The Founder

Gerald Buckler, has a lengthy and decorated history working in the building industry.


Gerald began his pursuit to be the best builder possible working professionally in as many trades as possible such as framing, flooring, finish carpentry, and HVAC to learn the profession from the perspective as a tradesman.  He also spent a year working as a commercial sales associate for Lowes that helped to develop a vast amounts of product knowledge but also how and where to buy the best building materials.


Gerald spent three years working as the Director of Estimating and Design for Calvert County’s premiere award-winning custom builder, Chesapeake Living Treasures, Inc.  While part of their team as well as through his consulting with Brooks Run Builders, Gerald designed and/or built five “Best in State” award-winning projects through the Maryland National Capital Building Industry Association (MNCBIA). The categories of these awards included Best Transitional Custom Home Over 5,000 sf and Best Commercial Transitional Use Design.

Gerald has completed the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Builder Design Institute and is currently a Certified Professional Building Designer through the National Council of Building of Building Designer Certification (NCBDC).


Gerald is the current Vice President of the Building Trades Foundation for St. Mary’s County Public Schools, where he oversees acquisition; general operations; building design; and business and educational coordination for the building trades classes of the Dr. James A. Forrest Career and Technology Center (JFCTC). During his administration of the Building Trades Foundation, they were awarded “Best Business Partnership” by the Maryland Department of Education for their cooperation with the JFCTC. This follows five years spent teaching Architectural Drafting and Design at the JFCTC as a licensed teacher for Maryland Public Schools. Over the last decade, Gerald has volunteered as a judge for the SkillsUSA “team build” project competitions in both Calvert and St Mary’s Counties, and chaired multiple SkillsUSA Architectural Drafting and Design competitions.


Gerald held a seat on the Building Code Review Board for St. Mary’s County for two years and was responsible for evaluating and making recommendations to the County Commissioners on adoptions and exclusions, specifically on the new energy code requirements for St. Mary’s County.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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