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Residential Design

What you get...

No matter what your needs we can customize our services our services for your project.  No matter the scope of services you require we will always include innovative, functional, efficient, aesthetic design solutions.

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Photo Realistic Renderings

Not sure if your design choices are going to work in reality?  Maybe you want to see what it will look like before you build it and we can help!
We use the latest and greatest in photo realistic rendering software to help you visualize your project before you spend the first dollar on construction.
We build your house virtually using industry leading architectural design software to ensure that the proposed construction is correct.  That 3D model is then exported to our high end rendering software to create stunning images and videos of your project.


Builder Plan Set

A builder’s set is assembled from a pure project management perspective and is not intended for a client that is unaware of how everything needs to be built, assembled, coordinated, or how to meet building code.
Builder’s sets will include what is typically needed to communicate between the building trades regarding locations of mechanical, plumbing, and some electrical fixtures as well as enough information to calculate quantities for construction. Location and sizes of primary millwork such as kitchen and bathroom cabinetry will be included to ensure everything fits properly and is coordinated between all the building trades. It will include a rough or concept floor framing layout to ensure that the floor joist will not interfere with any plumbing drain lines that need to penetrate the floor system. There will be no design and/or layout for any decorative architectural elements to ensure proper sizing, scale, proportion, and functionality.
Typically, the client purchasing these plans is a licensed contractor who has an adequate amount of construction knowledge and capability and is also accepting full liability for the project. Annotations for all components of the plans are kept to a minimum because we assume that if you are a builder then you will know what all the graphicly depicted elements on the drawings represent. We do, however, pay close attention to ensuring everything is dimensioned properly and completely to allow all the building trades to do their jobs effectively with minimal conflicts.

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Full Architectural Design

This plan set includes everything the builders set includes but also all of the details, specs, schedules, and notes on how to construct it properly. The level of detail included in this plan-set is intended for legal protection of the client and to ensure that everything they wish to have done is performed properly according to building code, manufacturers specifications, and to establish a minimum performance standard for the quality of work. Much of the work performed on a home project is left to the builder’s discretion and is not inspected by building inspectors. Building inspectors also are not at all concerned with quality of construction. When these construction documents are included as part of your contract, the builder is legally and financially obligated to perform their duties up to the performance standards included in the set.
This set will also protect the client financially and ensure that all contractors are bidding the project with the same methods and materials for a true “apples-to-apples” cost comparison for proper contractor selection. It will ensure that all desired items and elements are included in the initial bid minimizing change orders, delays, and miscommunications that can adversely affect the project schedule and budget. The more you put on paper, the less you leave to chance.
This set details out all phases of construction in plain english to allow the client to understand how everything will need to be assembled and to what level of quality so they can adequately administer their own project if necessary.

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